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Monday, August 07, 2006

The one about gamer psychology.

I found this little gem today: An analysis of platform games over the generations. It really surprised me. I mean, I did realize that blockbuster games in general have seen lower sales, but I never really considered analyzing a particular genre compared to older versions. It's a long read, but very worthy if you're into the psychology of games over the last 20 years, including evolving aesthetics.

I knew Nintendo had something with New Super Mario Bros. I love the game. I read somewhere that it was selling a copy every 3 seconds. This article says the same thing. It's quite amazing that it's sold so much so far. It's a platform game in a world of MMORPG's and first person shooters. It's on a handheld system, no less! Quite amazing. Well, that's all for this short post. Remember to tell your buddies about my infant of a blog that I'm currently trying to nourish with lovely tidbits of info. If you want me to wax about anything in particular, drop me a line!


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