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Monday, August 14, 2006

In the same boat.

I found this interesting little list today. I seem to be in the exact same situation. He offers some pretty good advice from the perspective of a guy with no real money. I like it. I especially like his Anti-Raise idea. I think I may do it. Currently, though, I've just started to bring my income up again to be able to pay off more debt. I'm not counting my car as a debt that I can get rid of quickly. Within two years, it will be eliminated, though. Every monetary milestone thereafter will be chronicled here, too. I consider a monetary milestone to be cash accessible to me to completely waste with an extra zero behind it. Also, I had to have earned it. Examples:

$10 - Achieved (age 5 or so)
$100 - Achieved (age 10 probably)
$1000 - Achieved (age 17)

Soooo.....I'm working on the rest. They'll come soon enough. Projections:

$10,000 - Age 22
$100,000 - Age 25 (debtless to boot)
$1,000,000 - Age 27
$10,000,000 - Age 30 ( I probably won't shoot for anymore zeros after that)

Do yell at me if you think this seems unrealistic. I may adjust my figures.


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