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Monday, August 21, 2006

The one about promotion and content.

I have probably 2 or 3 readers, including myself. That's a horrible circulation. Anyway, the reason I'm acknowledging this is that I will start promoting when I have enough content to do so. Until then, enjoy this weekly/bi-weekly update schedule.

In other news, I've discovered the most lovely "magazine" ever. It's called McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. Click on each one to find out more about each issue. I subscribed and ordered a couple of old issues. The one from Iceland, the one with paintings every 3rd page, and the one with the first issue of Wholpin attached. Do check them out. I put magazine in quotes because these are actually books.

To the tofu and potatoes of this post:

Cheap things to do that are really fun (usually)

1. State parks: They're usually 3 dollars to park your car. Just Google "your state" parks, and you'll get a website with each state park and some pictures and activities. I've recently been going to ones here in Georgia. Several hours (or days) of fun for practically no money.

2. Public parks: Usually big cities have the best ones. Some can be shady (not in the shadows of trees way), so do pick carefully. They should all be free and have tons of stuff to do in them. Bring your pets and some plastic bags (for your pets' remnants), because they'll have a ball. Frisbee, powerwalking, cookouts, swimming, special events, and they're usually good spots to just relax.

3. Fire: Build a fire and invite people over (if you live in a place that allows such things). Obviously, don't do this if you live in an apartment or without a couple of acres of space between you and a neighbor. Fires are usually widely regarded as the best thing ever. They cook food, burn unwanted wood/brush, and warm you up. They also provide light. Add food, drink, and games, and you have yourself a well-rounded party that cost you a little bit of effort to build a fire.

4. Record store listening: Go to a record store and listen to all of the cds that strike your fancy that you know nothing about. Chances are you'll listen to a lot of stuff you don't really like. But, you'll occasionally find a gem. If you decide to buy something, that's how much it cost you. In the meantime, you've just listened to tons of music you hadn't heard before. I guess some record stores don't have listening stations, in which case, you should just go to another one.

5. Adventuring: This is what I call it. Basically, you look at roadsigns around your area (or further away if you already know your area well), and then you go down the roads you've never been down that look interesting. Take a camera. Take pictures of houses that look interesting or have interesting yards. Take dirt roads if there are any. These tend to be the most worthwhile. Also, if the road name mentions something cool, like a river/stream, bridge, church, mill, or mountain, chances are, that cool thing will be down that road. Bring a friend or three. I do this regularly.

6. Classic Gaming: Dust off your NES/Atari, and plug in a game. You'll have tons of fun, old-school style. If you don't really have an NES or other old console, you could probably pick one up, second-hand for under 20 dollars. Go to flea markets, yard sales, pawn shops, and used game stores to find games. Ebay's okay, but you're planning on paying under 5 dollars per game for these systems. Goodwill, and similar stores (Salvation Army) have these games sometimes for 1-2 dollars. Also, if you're having a party, push your XBox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube aside. Showcase your old systems, and I guarantee everyone will have much more fun. People get very nostalgic and tend to have more fun with these.

7. Local Concerts: Go to a local band only show. They're usually under ten dollars, and sometimes, the bands may actually be decent. Plus, if the band even has a cd or T-shirt, it'll probably be under 10 dollars, too. The same can be applied to local plays, symphonies, comedy improvisations, and art exhibitions. Some of these may even be free!

That's a start for now. In my next post, I'll give an opposite perspective: Expensive things to do that tend to not be very much fun (usually).


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